Laird Township is a small community in Houghton County, Michigan, tucked into the Ottawa National Forest with 68.6% of our land mass covered in National forest.
There are several thriving businesses with a population that hovers around 634 people [2020 census]. There are many job opportunities within a 45 minute drive.
So whether you come here for recreation, retirement or to raise a family, you’re in the right place if you’re in Laird Township.

Township Officials

Patricia Spencer 

(906) 338-2771

Robin Henry

(906) 395-1026

Nicole Krajnak

(906) 395-7095

Jim Fedie 

(906) 338-2944

John Juntunen

(906) 338-2733

Ryan McGahan

(906) 338-2483

Paul Peterson

(906) 338-2903

[for emergency call 911]

Jim Sullivan
Cemetery Sexton

(906) 338-2662

Laird Township has an area of 189.3 square miles. Elevation 1,030 ft.

It includes the communities of: Alston, Bishop, Motley, Nisula, and Pori (sometimes called “Plato”)

Located in Houghton County, MI

Things To Do

Laird Township

Ottawa National Forest
Sturgeon River Gorge
Prickett Lake


Keweenaw Peninsula

About 45 minutes away

Adventure Mining Company

Greenland, MI

About 40 minutes away

Canyon Falls

L’Anse, MI

About 30 minutes away